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Do I have a violence problem?

  • Have you yelled, insulted or put down your partner?
  • Have you adopted attitudes aimed at intimidating, threatening, or constraining your partner to submit to your will?
  • Have you gone as far as hitting your partner, thinking or saying that your gesture was justified and that your partner deserves such treatment?
  • Have you noticed that your partner or your children are concerned and have lost trust in you?
  • Have you come to the realization that your situation has deteriorated and that you risk losing everything if you continue wanting to control everything?
  • You cannot stand hiding any longer?
  • You think that you may need help and you hesitate to consult because you are afraid of being judged and misunderstood?

At Pro-gam, we know it is difficult for a man to admit that he behaves violently towards his loved ones.

  • Many men tend to justify their violence and attribute responsibility to others.
  • Often closed up, uneasy in their own skin and dissatisfied with themselves, some men will take their frustrations out on their partner and their children, leading them into an escalation of tension and insecurity.
  • Many men feel ashamed and guilty, undermining their love and maintaining themselves in a state of deeper and deeper distress.
  • They would often like to avoid or escape reality. Time, unfortunately does not improve things.

To find out more about this question, you may also consult the section “Difficulty to consult”.

Pro-gam offers you the possibility of breaking free from your isolation.

  • We offer you the opportunity to meet with professionals who can help you reflect and question the way you manage your relationships with your partner and children.
  • Through group meetings, you have the opportunity to talk with other men who are experiencing similar difficulties and to find the necessary support in order to pursue your process of change.
  • This process cannot be undertaken without some difficulty. Deep and lasting changes require a sincere involvement on your part. No matter what you consider doing, the decision is ultimately your own.

The first thing to do is to call us at (514) 270-8462. For more details about our services, consult the “Therapy for men” section under the heading entitled “Services”.

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