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Therapy program for men who use abuse behaviours

Why make a commitment?

When you begin a therapeutic process at Pro-gam, you grant yourself a moment to think about your behaviors and your connection with your partner and children. With the help of experienced professionals and in an atmosphere of mutual respect, you have the opportunity to understand what are the motivating factors that trigger your behaviours. Moreover, you have the opportunity to identify the means which are at your disposal in order to bring about the changes you want to make.

What are the objectives of this process?

Pro-gam adheres to the following objectives when working with you:

  1. Help you recognize your violent and controlling behaviours;
  2. Help you take responsibility for your violent behavior;
  3. Help you understand the personal motivation underlying your violent behavior;
  4. Help you identify your abilities to resolve difficulties;
  5. Help you find and use alternatives to violence

What should you do if you want to get involved in this process?

The first step is to contact Pro-gam at 514-270-8462

After giving you information about our therapy program, we will arrange an appointment with you in order to open your file. It is at this moment when we will ask you to sign the payment agreement form. The services are partly funded. Your financial participation will be established according to your revenue. Students, recipients of social assistance or unemployed individuals are charged $10 for their registration. A fee of $15 is charged for all other clients. Your first intake-evaluation meeting is free. Students, recipients of social assistance and unemployed individuals are charged $5 for subsequent individual evaluation or group sessions. All other clients are charged a fee equivalent to 5% of their weekly gross revenues.

You will have a minimum of three individual meetings in order to talk about your situation and your expectations of therapy. After completing these individual evaluation sessions, you will begin the group therapy program which is aimed at helping you cease using violent behaviours in the context of intimate relationships with your partner or your family. The group meetings are structured as follows:

  • Group meetings are held once a week, in the evening between 7p.m. and 9:30p.m..
  • The group is composed of eight men (clients) who are guided by two therapists.
  • Each man must make a commitment to attend a minimum of fourteen group meetings. You have the option of continuing your therapy upon completion of this basic program.

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