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A professional and confidential therapy program for men who have resorted to violence in their domestic or family relationships.


PRO-GAM, in collaboration with the Joint Assistance Service, offers two free confidential sessions for the emergency measures period:

The first is a teletherapy support service for all professionals in the community sector to support them in the considerable emotional load they can carry through their front line work in the field.

Our team, made up of psychologists and psychotherapists, wishes to offer this psychotherapy for the emotional and psychological support of people on the ground, as well as to break the isolation that can create the circumstances of confinement. Up to three free sessions, initially, are offered.

On the other hand, we offer 1 to 3 free supportive therapy sessions for adults in Montreal (French and English) who experience marital and family tensions during emergency measures. Indeed, uncertainty about health and income, overcrowding, isolation and other losses related to the risk of spread and security measures can cause relational and anxiety crises in the community.

We therefore seek to relieve these tensions in collaboration with the Spouse Assistance Service. These follow-ups can be extended depending on the severity of the situation, the demand for services, as well as the therapist's availability. Those interested in receiving these free services only have to contact us at 514-270-8462 or write to to request this confidential follow-up. We thank Centraide for their support of this initiative!

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Do you hesitate to take action for fear of being judged and misunderstood?
PRO-GAM can help you overcome your isolation.

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Do you have violence issues? Our team can help you embark in a therapeutic process.

  • Do you go so far as to hit her, and see it as justifiable?
  • Do you find that your spouse and children fear you and have lost their trust in you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
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You are a loved one?

There are many resources available for spouses and children. Don't wait any longer, consult now!

  • S.O.S. Violence conjugale
  • CLSC
  • Suicide Action Montréal
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