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Our therapeuticapproach

The therapeutic approach at PRO-GAM is influenced by different schools of thought in psychology. Humanistic. In its foundation, this approach is also inspired by psychodynamic, cognitive and communicational theories, which forms a flexible intervention system which can be adapted to the individual specificities of our clients.

Our approach takes into account the complex nature of conjugal violence, the particular characteristics of the men who consult our services as well as the context of their request for assistance. It also addresses the multiple factors associated to violence in the context of intimacy, including individual affective and psychological factors as well as relational, societal, cultural and environmental factors.

Beginning with the clients, stories, we help them better understand their current situation, the history of their relationship, their personal history, the stakes associated with their violent behavior and the function of violence in its regulatory role of tension in the relationship. We help these men to have more control over themselves and less over their partners by helping them understand themselves better, gain awareness of the vulnerable aspect of their personality, their relational patterns and the values upon which their reasoning and their behaviors rest.

In order to do so, we provide a secure and reassuring space where they can share confidences in a climate of mutual respect and trust; an environment which is free as possible from external threats and constraints.

Given that individuals are capable of thinking for them themselves, a therapeutic process has the advantage of relying on this exceptional human capacity in order to allow for the individual to extract gains from this process. Such gains include finding solutions which are adapted to his needs and to his situation, readapting his own resources, developing his competence and his potential in order to better carry himself as an individual, as well as giving him the opportunity to feel slightly better about his life circumstances and situation.

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