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Are youconcerned by violence?

  • Do you ever lose control, then scream or throw hurtful and derogatory words at your partner?
  • You realize afterwards that your behaviour and attitudes could be intimidating or threatening?
  • Have you tried to control your partner's activities and acquaintances, without admitting to yourself that it was out of jealousy or the fear of losing your partner?
  • Do you tend to mismanage your anger when you feel frustrated or upset?
  • Have you ever gripped or hustled your partner or child to force them to listen to you?
  • Have you gone as far as hitting your partner, thinking or saying that your gesture was justified or deserved?
  • Have you noticed that you end up in a lot of tense situations, and that your partner or your children are afraid of you or have lost trust in you, without understanding why?

Admitting yourviolence problem

  • Many people tend to justify their violence and attribute responsibility to others.
  • Often closed up, uneasy in their own skin and dissatisfied with themselves, some people will take their frustrations out on their partner and their children, leading them into an escalation of tension and insecurity.
  • Most of them feel ashamed and guilty, undermining their love and maintaining themselves in a state of deeper and deeper distress.
  • They would often like to avoid or escape reality. Time, unfortunately does not improve things, and the crises reoccur with growing insistance.

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    you may also consult the section « Difficulty to consult ».
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    Getting out of your isolation

    • You know deep down that the situation is only deteriorating, and that despite your efforts, conflicts just keep reoccurring with more and more tension
    • You can't face this anymore and are afraid of losing everything.
    • You recognize yourself in these lines, see that you most likely could use some help, but are hesitating because you're afraid to be misunderstood or judged.
    • We offer you the opportunity to meet with professionals who can help you reflect and question the way you manage your relationships with your partner and children.
    • Through group meetings, you have the opportunity to talk with other men who are experiencing similar difficulties and to find the necessary support in order to pursue your process of change.
    • This process cannot be undertaken without some difficulty. Deep and lasting changes require a sincere involvement on your part. No matter what you consider doing, the decision is ultimately your own.
    The first step is to call us at 514 270-8462.

    Steps tofollow

    • The first step is to contact PRO-GAM at 514-270-8462
    • After giving you information about our therapy program, we will arrange an appointment with you in order to open your file. You can come accompanied to our offices.
    • This first contact aims first to determine if our services can meet your needs and, if so, to collect the basic data necessary for the constitution of your file.
    • You should plan 2 hours for this first meeting. At it's end, we will provide you with a registration certificate, if applicable, and we will make an appointment for your first intake interview.
    • It is also at this point that we will ask you to sign a payment agreement. Since the services you receive are only partially funded, we require a financial contribution based on your income.
    • The fee to open a file is 15 $
    • Your first intake-evaluation meeting is free.
    • All clients are charged a fee equivalent to 5% of their weekly gross revenues for subsequent individual evaluation or group sessions.
    • You will have a minimum of three individual meetings in order to talk about your situation and your expectations of therapy.
    • After completing these individual evaluation sessions, you will begin the group therapy program, which is aimed at helping you cease using violent behaviors in the context of intimate relationships with your partner or your family.
    • The group meetings are structured as follows:
    • Group meetings are held once a week, in the evening from 7p.m. to 9:30 p.m..
    • The group is composed of eight men (clients) who are guided by two therapists.
    • Each participant must commit to attend a minimum of 14 consecutive group meetings. It will be possible for you to continue your process upon completion of this basic program, if you feel the need.
    • You inevitably will have to make choices that will have repercussions on your partner, your children and yourself. Choosing to take in charge theses problems, here and now, is only one phone call away.

    You are a man?

    Do you have violence issues? Our team can help you embark in a therapeutic process.

    • Do you go so far as to hit her, and see it as justifiable?
    • Do you find that your spouse and children fear you and have lost their trust in you?
    • Do you feel overwhelmed?
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    You are a loved one?

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